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How to resize & compress images online or in Photoshop

To keep any website optimized and fast loading, it is very important to resize all the images uploaded on that website to the same size and compress them to reduce their weight. With this, the website and the posts published on it open very fast. Website load time is greatly reduced due to which Google starts showing your website in search results also. There are two ways to resize and compress images. Image can be resized and compressed online and through Photoshop.

How to resize image online?

To resize image online, visit any related website. First of all select the image and upload it. After this keep Width – 1250 and Height – 800 (in Pixel). Keep the resolution at least 100 DPI. Keep the format JPG and keep the quality 50%. After this click on the Resize button. After the photo is resized, download it and rename it according to your post. You can easily do online image resize from any of the websites given below.

How to Resize Image through Photoshop?

Open Photoshop then go to the File menu and click on Open or press Ctrl + O button from the keyboard and select the related image. If you want, you can also drag & drop the image.

Now to resize the image on Photoshop, go to the Image menu and select the image size option or press alt + ii (i button twice) from the keyboard. A popup box will open in front of you in which you will get to change the size, format etc. of the image. Here, first of all remove the tick from the Constrain Proportions option on the left side of the box. After this make the width of the image – 1250 and height – 800. Place the pixels option in front of them and press the OK button.

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Your photo has been resized. Now you have to compress the photo. To compress a photo on Photoshop, first go to the File menu and click on Save for Web option or press Alt + Shift + Ctrl + S button from the keyboard.

As soon as you click on Save for Web, a popup will open where you will find the settings of the photo on the right side. Here you have to select JPEG Medium from the drop down menu. Below on the left you can also see the weight of the photo which will be in KB. A fast loading image should weigh between 50kb to 100kb. The lesser the weight of the photo, the faster the website will load.

Now finally you have to save the image by clicking on the Save button. While saving, keep in mind that the Save as type must have Images only in .jpg format.

Now you can upload the image on the website after renaming it as per your post. If you also do not know the correct way to upload images on your website, then read our next post related to Image SEO carefully.


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