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How to compress PDF online & offline? Know the easy way

PDF is a type of file format which stores one or more documents in a single file. The importance of PDF file is very high because there is more demand for PDF in providing online documents. Along with this, the weight of PDF is more as compared to other documents (like .doc, .txt, .xml, .jpg, .png etc.). This is the reason why PDF should always be used online or offline only after compressing it.

How to compress PDF online

Reduce the size or weight of your PDF online while maintaining the quality and formatting of your main file. For this, type online pdf compressor in Google or any search engine. After this, you will see many websites in the search results, mainly top 5 websites which are capable of compressing PDF in good quality. Open any one of these websites. After this select your PDF and then press the Compress button. After the PDF is compressed, download it.

1. iLovePDF (
2. Smallpdf (
3. Adobe (
4. PDF2Go (
5. PDF24 Tools (

Pro Tips: Out of all the online pdf compressor websites given above, we found PDF2Go ( website to be the most useful. That’s because in this you get to choose Basic Compression, Strong Compression as well as quality from 20 dpi to 300 dpi. Not only this, it can also convert color text and images in PDF into Grayscale images and text. Apart from this, images can also be removed from PDF.

pdf compress

We do not get to see so many features in any other online pdf compressor website. If you want to compress PDF on this website, then go to Choose from a preset and select Minimum quality, 40 dpi images to compress it in minimum size. This will make some difference to the images present in the PDF, but your PDF will be more compressed than you think and you will get it in a smaller size.

Offline PDF Compress How to compress?

It is easy to compress PDF online but to compress PDF offline you will have to download the app on your mobile, laptop or desktop.

Adobe Free Compressor Tool Easy-to-use, reliable

Adobe provides its users with free, easy-to-use, compressor tools that help reduce the size of any PDF without compromising on quality. With Adobe’s high-quality PDF compressor, users can reduce the size of their files by simply drag-dropping their document from any web browser. To download it, you will have to signup on website.

Download Adobe Free Compressor Tool

Compress PDF with the desktop version of Smallpdf app

Smallpdf does many things related to online files like Compression, Converter. If you search on Google, you will definitely find this website in the top 5 list. This is the reason why people trust this website. Smallpdf also provides many features to its users for free. Download Smallpdf’s Offline PDF Compress App and install it on your laptop or desktop and compress PDF easily.

Download Smallpdf Free Compressor Tool

  • Download and install the Smallpdf desktop app.
  • Open your PDF in the app.
  • Select “Compress” from the tool list.
  • Select “Basic Compression” and output folder.
  • Wait for the app to reduce the file size.
  • Done.
Compress PDF Offline with PDFgear and Neuxpower Desktop App

Like the desktop version of Smallpdf, PDFgear and Neuxpower also provide desktop apps to compress PDF offline. Among these, PDFgear is a free tool while Neuxpower gives you a trial of 14 days.

Download PDFgear Free Compressor Tool
Download Neuxpower Compressor Tool

Compress PDF through Mobile App

If you are not getting a chance to compress PDF on laptop or desktop, then you can easily do this work on your mobile also. For this you have to type PDF Compressor on Google Play Store. Many apps will appear on your mobile screen. You can easily compress PDF by installing any of those apps.

pdf compressor app

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